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120 West Villanow Street
LaFayette, GA  30728

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Chattanooga area physical therapy

Chattanooga area physical therapy


Do you suffer from back or neck pain?  
Are you feeling the effects of arthritis, sports injuries such as tendinitis), lumbar strain, muscle spasms, sprains, back pain or injuries received in work-related or motor vehicle accidents?

Located at 120 West Villanow Street in LaFayette, Georgia (GA), LaFayette Physical Therapy has been serving the physical rehabilitation needs of Walker County and surrounding areas of north Georgia and Southeast Tennessee since 1985.

Our outpatient facility provides physical therapy services to help achieve optimal body movement, education, function and safety, and to alleviate back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, leg and foot strain, and hand or wrist injuries.  We treat neurologic conditions, and we even address the pain and discomfort of temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ).

North Georgia and Chattanooga area employers benefit from our Industrial Rehabilitation and Worker's Compensation programs to help restore the health, mobility, and range of motion of injured employees who have experienced loss of motion.

Your privacy, comfort, and safety are of the utmost concern to us.  Our facility offers physical therapy in a friendly atmosphere, and is well maintained, clean, and comfortable.  Our compassionate staff members have caring hearts and hands, and we are not satisfied until we have given you relief from your pain and suffering.  Your health and well-being are our primary focus.

On your first visit to LaFayette Physical Therapy, you will receive a thorough evaluation (normally takes one hour) to assess your condition and to be placed on an appropriate program.  We specialize in manual therapy, and provide a hands-on approach to pain relief each and every visit. 

LaFayette Physical Therapy cheerfully accepts Medicare Part B and a wide range of health insurance and medical care benefit plans to help you manage your health care costs.